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Question about TA 924 e

Hi all,

When I did check the TA 924, the CPU was at 99%. Comparing to others TA, the only one process PC Config was different 80% (for other this same process was at 2 to 3%)

eps-epsj-iacp01# show processes cpu

System load: 1sec:99.51% 1min:32.65% 5min:27.20% Min: 0.00% Max: 100.00%

Context switch load: 0.48%

Invoked Exec Time Runtime Load %%

Task Id Task Name PRI STA (count) (usec) (usec) (1sec)

1 Idle 0 W 3211212 940 0 0.00

3 PC Config 7 S 312801 496 798359 79.84

Also, I see these messages diplayed all the time. At the first look, it seems that the PRI is not in a good state. But when I do testst, the calls passed. I don't know what these messages say. I feel, there is something wrong with this TA 924e but I don't know.

  1. 2014.04.08 11:26:55 ISDN.EP     PRI  1  Call clearing: TEMPORARY_FAILURE : Loc=U
  2. 2014.04.08 11:26:55 TM.T03 03 IsdnTmStateOutboundDeliver - rcvd unexpected CallRelease
    2014.04.08 11:26:55 TM.T03 03 IsdnTmStateIdling - clear trunk appearance
    2014.04.08 11:26:55 TM.T03 03 IsdnTmStateIdle::CallRelease - unexpected
    2014.04.08 11:26:55 TM.T03 03 IsdnTmStateIdling - clear trunk appearance

  1. 2014.04.08 11:23:58 FIREWALL id=firewall time="2014-04-08 11:23:58" fw=eps-epsj-iacp01 pri=1 rule=2 proto=47223/udp dst=A.B.C.D msg="Data connection not established from remote from SELF policy-class on interface Loopback" agent=AdFirewall
  2. 2014.04.08 11:24:20 VQM.EVENTS Monitoring session ended for 8196234113 to 8195874020, RTP=A.B.C.D:47594->E.F.G.H:13766, M

Is there someone can help?


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Re: Question about TA 924 e

I sure hope someone can help - I am having a similar issue with a few 900E series Adtrans. Although it looks a bit grim, as this post is over 4 months old.

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Re: Question about TA 924 e

What firmware are you running?

Also please post your config.


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Re: Question about TA 924 e

Hello - I am running AOS R11.2.0.E. The config is attached. Note - one of the ports go to another Adtran for a separate office. I do not believe that this is the issue as there are others experiencing the same issue. Thank you!

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Re: Question about TA 924 e

Okay, guys - I found the problem I was having. We recently updated the ACLs on our Adtrans in order to bump up security. This was only done on ones that establish OSPF an adjacency with our core - the ACLs seemed to be acting too aggressively and dropping some OSPF traffic (this was just a hunch). I added a line in the ACL to permit process 89 and this completely cleared up the issue. So, Adtrans were dropping OSPF traffic - service would be briefly interrupted - CPU utilization would shoot up when trying to re-form adjacencies. The CPU utilization was a symptom of the issue, not the cause. I hope this helps someone else!