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SIP ALG on TA900 Series


We have been running into some strange issues with our IP Phones that we deploy for our customers behind Adtran Series TA900 routers. We use the Metaswitch platform and so far it seems that the issues we are running into our NAT related. I was going to do a simple check to see whether or not SIP Alg is enabled or disabled but looks like its no longer an option. Can someone tell me the details on this? If the option is not available does this mean the Adtrans are not using SIP ALG at all anymore? I want to make sure this feature is disabled... Also why is it no longer under our control in the GUI or CLI.

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Re: SIP ALG on TA900 Series

The global command "no sip" will disable all SIP processing. Some firmware versions may want "no ip sip".

Re: SIP ALG on TA900 Series

So is SIP ALG enabled by default and not able to be disabled without disabling SIP? 

Re: SIP ALG on TA900 Series

Any update on this?