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TA 908e 3rd Gen Configuration

Using the TA 908e with Sky Voice SIP trunks to a PRI handoff. Inbound working fine. Can not make an outbound call. Call is being rejected due to No Caller ID being sent.

The PBX is sending a Caller ID number. Not sure where or how to configure the TA908e to pass Caller ID. 

Attached is the capture of a failed call to 815-735-8925.

Any guidance would be appreciated.



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Re: TA 908e 3rd Gen Configuration

Hello Kenny,


Thanks for posting to the forum.  Normally you do not have to make changes to pass the CID on a PRI to SIP call, but not every deployment and piece of equipment is alike.  I see that there is some information in the SIP FROM: header which is pulled from the ISDN Setup message:

From: <sip:ATISIPTrunks2.22787.service:5060;transport=UDP>

It looks like the PRI setup message is not in the debug.  If you provide the entire call, I can make a suggestion for you. Also, this is a straight outbound PRI to SIP call right?  Not a call forward scenario?