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TA900 SBC as a registrar server

I was looking to see if anyone knew of a way to configure an TA900 series Adtran that is using the SBC feature to be a registrar server for one of the trunks that the TA900 is using.

A little background info for this is the TA900 has to SIP trunks one to the provider side of the SBC and the other goes to the PBX side of the SBC. The Provider side trunk is registering with a username and password, but the PBX side is not registering and I am looking to see if I can and how to configure the trunk to the PBX so that the TA900 SBC is the registrar server for the PBX.

If anyone could please help me or let me know if they have ever been able to do this on the TA900 series with SBC.

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Re: TA900 SBC as a registrar server

voice trunk T10 type sip

description "From PBX"

register foo auth-name bar password baz




Re: TA900 SBC as a registrar server

To me the configuration that you are showing is means that the Adtran is going to register the credentials to the PBX.


I was looking to get the PBX to register to the Adtran.