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TA924e (2nd. Gen) and Meta HPBX questions

I am currently working on a few issues with a customer that's using an TA924e (2nd Gen), Meta HPBX services with Yealink SIP phones. All SIP phones registered fine using the TA924e DHCP Server option 66 which uses an "https" URL.
I am trying to Manage an ALGO 8301 which the SIP Line registers but the ALGO fails to grab the "Phone Config" from the Meta. The ALGO's are set to use DHCP Option 66 with two other Options but this fails to grab the info in Option 66 but it does grab an IP from the TA924e. I have checked several things and it seems like everything should work but it fails. 

My biggest concern is this, when checking the SAS traces when troubleshooting I noticed that the Adtran is allowing the Private IP's that the SIP phones use are being sent out the Public. I am looking for some advice on what I can do so that the TA924e sends the Public Source IP and not the Private IP's. And I want to make sure that the TA924e is safe and secure.

Please advise,

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Re: TA924e (2nd. Gen) and Meta HPBX questions

If the ALGO uses a different URL for OPTION66, you'll have to log into its web interface and set the provisioning URL manually.  The Adtran probably doesn't support vendor options and cannot send different DHCP OPTION 66 values for different device models.