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The difference between "Caller ID" and "External Caller ID" in call history records?

I'm troubleshooting caller ID issues for a customer who claims that not all of the calls he receives from my Adtran unit include caller ID information.

Looking at the output of "show voice call detail history", I see that the "Caller ID" field contains a value for all call records, but "External Caller ID" doesn't. So far as I can tell from scanning the history records, the calls where the External Caller ID value is missing are ones created by the Adtran to the customer's equipment. (The customer has 24 analog connections.)

For example, the Adtran receives an outside call over the SIP trunk from our carrier. The history record records the Caller ID and External Caller ID. The next record shows the extension to which the call is routed as the destination. The Caller ID value now has "GRP_" prepended to the initial value, and External Caller ID is the same as before. These two lines show the call type as "External". The next line is call type "Internal", and for it the Caller ID value is present but External Caller ID is not. This is not the case for all calls.

My questions: What is the difference between "Caller ID" and "External Caller ID"? Which of these values would I expect my customer to see when the call reaches his equipment? And why does the External Caller ID value become blank as the call is routed?


Total Access 900e (3rd Gen)

AOS version R10.9.6.E

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Re: The difference between "Caller ID" and "External Caller ID" in call history records?

This is a great document regarding caller ID:

That is for outbound caller ID. But also applies when user calls another user on the sip trunk.

Default operating mode is when a call comes in from a voice user, it will look at sip trunks first. So even if a FXS users calls another FXS user it go in this order: FXS User 1 > switchboard > SIP Trunk > Softswitch > SIP Trunk > Switchboard > FXS User 2

So when the FXS places a call the external caller ID is used unless you have a ani substitution applied on your outbound sip trunk. That always over rides it. The document above shows order.

The Internal caller id is really designed to be used with our NetVanta 7100 IP PBX and not with the IPBG products.

If you post your config, I can look over it and see if it configured properly for what you are desiring.

Hope that makes sense.