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Unable to get reliable IP connection to twin 908e units

Sorry to post, with minimal information, but we are leasing 2 908e's and I have no access to the configs.  They have been running solid, with the analog inputs, for many years. Switching them over to IPs, however, is turning into a big problem. Our Comcast gateway/fiber switch has a single output. I have installed a breakout switch, between it and our firewall. We have a block of IPs. .219 is our primary and the Adtrans have been set, by the Adtran owners,  for .221 and .222. The Adtrans refuse to both connect, at the same time and when they do, a traceroute shows a very strange "skip" to our primary .219, before it completes at .221 or .222. Pings also seem to sometimes crap out after a few minutes. I CANNOT duplicate these issues, when I replace the Adtran connections with two static workstations - both ping and traces, from outside of our system, work perfectly. I have also tried a different breakout switch. 

Does this sound familiar to anyone. Any advice, or pointers towards a possible resource, would be appreciated. 

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