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Voice Users and Voice Ring-Groups with IP Auth

Greeting All,

I am having an issue which I am hoping to get some guidance on.I am trying to configure a TA908 for FXS and have run into a little problem. I usually register both the voice user and voice ring group to 1 extension on my pbx. This allows each fxs to dial out a specific extension and each ring group to start on the correct port. Now after some upgrades on the PBX I found I could no longer do that because they were now using the sip-identity instead of auth-name for registrations and all identities must be unique on the TA. If there is anyway to force the TA to send the auth-name instead of sip-Identity or in place of identity, that would be perfect. I have not gotten much traction making anyone see the issue that was caused by the upgrade and I have tried what I thought would work with no success!  The only other option I see is using IP auth, and this is where I am stuck. How can I configure the voice users and voice ring groups to work without registering each to the pbx? 

Thanks for listening!

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