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What is the Maximum number of SIP Trunks possible?


We have a new installation with a customer that has 400 DIDs.  I have a single SIP trunk configured on the 904 (2nd gen) and it works fine.  The only problem is the DID is part of the Trunk config as per the SIP Providers instructions.  For example:

register 2175551234 auth-name "xxxxxx" password "blablabla"

If we send any other call with a different DID up that trunk it fails with a 'Forbidden' from the provider.  I am afraid this provider will tell us that we need 400 trunks for the 400 DIDs or else it will not work.  Before I get into a fight with them over this, I need to know the hard limitations on the Adtran side.  How many trunks are actually possible?



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