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sip trunk redundancy

I've looked over the "SIP Trunk Failover in AOS" guide but I'm still a bit confused. Our sip trunk provider has 5 different IP addresses we can send outbound traffic to for redundancy. The way we currently have our trunk setup is as follows with only one of the outbound ip addresses in use.

voice trunk T11 type sip

  description "SIP Trunk"

  sip-server primary 111.222.333.444

  codec-list TRUNK both

  grammar from host local

  transfer-mode network

  no prefer reinvite-without-sdp

What would be the best way to configure my sip trunk so that outbound calls will try all 5 ip addresses if one were to fail?

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Honored Contributor

Re: sip trunk redundancy

The best way is to suggest to your provider that they look into deploying SRV records and point your trunk to a hostname that they would provide. This allows the provider to control redundancy, priority and load balancing and change it on the fly including adding and removing IP addresses. I would question the clue level of a provider that wants its customers to statically configure five different IP addresses on the customer hardware.

If that is unsuccessful, you could create five individual voice trunks and then on the grouped-trunk level either create five grouped-trunks with different costs to each IP in the order you choose, or group all trunks in the same grouped-trunk depending on whether you want a failover or load-balancing scenario.

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