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Adtran 1560 ASE Location for "Description" in OID

I am having issue with my NMS Auvik finding the interface description I've added from grabbing the SNMP OID. I am not able to find it in the vendor's MIB for this model.

Attached is a snmpwalk my NMS was able to do to find the names of the interfaces, but the descriptions of the interfaces are not there.

Does anyone know which branch this is located in the Adtran NetVanta 1560-48 740W?

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Re: Adtran 1560 ASE Location for "Description" in OID

In my walk of the switch It is supposed to be IF-MIB::ifAlias  ( OID  but it looks like that is not populating correctly. I will open a ticket for it to be investigated which means it will likely be fixed in a future firmware release.