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Firmware R.10.7.0 problems...


Yesterday I upgraded the firmware of several switches to R.10.7.0 and ran into several odd issues.

The setup is the following:

A (NV1534 2nd Gen) <-> 2.5GB fiber <-> B (NV1534 2nd Gen)

B is connected via two port-channel connections (2xCat5e each channel) to C (NV1524) and  D (NV1544).

D is connected to E (NV1224ST) via port-channel (2x Cat5e).

I updated the firmware on A, B and D yesterday to R.10.7.0 because D was a new switch we installed yesterday and the NV1534 were still running so I thought updating the firmware would be a good idea.

After the update odd things started to happen - the port-channel to C would show as working but I could not ping C nor could I access the web-interface of C anymore but that worked when I unplugged one of the two Cat5 cables.

The other odd thing that happened was ping times to A and B (while connected with a PC to A) were jumping from 120ms to 390ms with every third packet being dropped. The whole network throughput was rather unbearable.

We have about 50 computers on the network and 2 VLANs - one office VLAN for all computers and servers, one iSCSI VLAN for a NAS device and two Hyper-V servers - these VLAN's are only on A and B where these devices are connected to.

I ended up rolling back the firmware on A and B to and everything went back to normal.

Any idea what the problem is? I made sure that I downloaded the correct firmware for A and B - 2nd generation, the new firmware seems to work fine on the NV1544.

Could it be a performance issue with the firmware being more demanding on the hardware? Does the 1544 have a faster CPU and should I perhaps use that one for the iSCSI and the Hyper-V servers?

On another note - I also updated the firmware on a Netvanta 7100 a week ago and after the update my Windows 8 laptop would no longer be able to access the Internet though it. It was working fine with the previous firmware - but after the update packets coming from my Windows 8 laptop would be blocked by the firewall. The Windows 7 and Windows XP machines didn't have any issues. Even an iPhone and a Windows 8 mobile phone was working fine.

Any input would be appreciated.



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Re: Firmware R.10.7.0 problems...

Frank - Thanks for posting your question on the forum.

Unfortunately, I am unable to say for sure what caused the issues you were seeing. If I understand correctly, though, switch D is still on R10.7? Although I do not see a reason why switch B would not be able to perform in its role,  I would probably swap switch D and switch B. The 1544 is a more powerful switch as compared to the 1534 and would be better suited as the core switch. Another suggestion I would make is attempting to upgrade switch A and B to R10.5.2 (as the time of this post, this is the latest maintenance release) and seeing if you experience the same issues.

Either way, I think this particular situation would be better handled in a support ticket. If you open a ticket please come back to this thread after it is resolved to post the solution so others can benefit from it. You can create one using any of the methods listed below. Please reference the URL of this thread when opening the ticket to help provide background information to our support team.

- Open a webticket by clicking on this link: Create a Service Request

- Open a ticket by emailing

- Open a ticket by phone by calling 1-888-423-8726

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.



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Re: Firmware R.10.7.0 problems...


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