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Netvanta 1534 second gen not getting firmware from xmodem

I am trying to test a Netvanta Switch for work. It boots straight into bootstrap mode and does not detect any files on the device. I tried following a guide on a similar post to use xmodem to transfer the firmware onto the device, however I have had no luck getting it to work. I am using tera terms. the unit sn: LBADTN1703AC877. would it be possible to assign an ip to the device through bootstrap then do a tftp transfer? or is xmodem the only way? any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Netvanta 1534 second gen not getting firmware from xmodem

Try this, I'm not sure if it will work on a 1534, but it might. It does for most AOS devices.

Configure your host computer with a static IP in a private subnet, for example mask

Connect a cable from your computer to the first ethernet port on the device.

Also access the device on the console.

At the bootstrap# prompt type: ip address

Test if you can ping from your host computer.

If so, set your host as a TFTP server with the appropriate image in the /tftpboot directory.

From the serial console window type: copy tftp flash

Follow the prompts with the IP address of your computer and the filename.