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Voice and Data VLAN Config AOS to ASE system

Good morning.  I have been trying to convert an Adtran AOS config over to an Adtran ASE config without much luck.  It is a fairly basic setup.  I have a data vlan(default vlan 1) and voice vlan configured on each port for providing SIP phone service with a passthru option.  I then uplink to a secondary switch to give me more available ports.  This config has worked fine on the AOS operating system but I do not think I am utilizing the correct commands/config on the ASE switch.  I have attached an example of my AOS configs that I am looking to transition to ASE.  Any assistance would be appreciated.  I have attached my 2 AOS config files.  on AdtranAOS_scrubbed.txt file switchport 0/1 is my incoming voice traffic, switchport 0/47 is my incoming LAN traffic and switchport 0/48 is my uplink to 2nd switch.  on Adtran_2nd switch_scrubbed.txt switchport 0/24 is my uplink from 1st switch.

Thank you  for any assistance you can provide.

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Re: Voice and Data VLAN Config AOS to ASE system


The syntax is somewhat different for ASE (ADTRAN Switch Engine) and requires you to define the voice VLAN a bit differently. Take a look at Configuring Layer 2 Services in ASE specifically starting with "Configuring the Voice VLAN Using the CLI" starting on page 64. This may help you get what you need for this setup. If not, then you may consider opening a ticket with our Product Support team via this link:

Re: Voice and Data VLAN Config AOS to ASE system