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Remote Phone Suddenly Cannot Register.

I'm test a Simple Remote Phone. All was working well until:

13:45:29.773 SIP.REMOTE-SECURITY Dropping SIP traffic from on port 25000

What could be the cause? What debug can I run to see why SIP traffic dropping in the 7100?

I already:

rebooted everything (phone, Access Router, etc)

generated new SIP Auth password and reboot phone

checked ISP if they were blocking port 25000

thanks in advance!


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Valued Contributor

Re: Remote Phone Suddenly Cannot Register.

Bryan, we typically see this happen when one or more messages from the remote phone gets dropped in transit. For example, in a normal SIP transaction, the phone will send a Register, the 7100 responds with a 401 Authorization Required, the phone responds with a Register w/Authentication, and assuming everything is OK with the credentials, the 7100 responds with a 200OK. If, for example, the phone does not receive the 401, it will continue to send Register messages without authentication. If the 7100 sees Register without authentication in response to a 401, it will blacklist the IP after a certain number of attempts. Rotating debug on the 7100 will confirm that the 7100 is responding correctly, but you'd more than likely need a packet capture at the remote side to show the packets not arriving. Thanks