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Require TAC 9 not working

7100 is not requiring a 9 to access outside line. To recreate I factory defaulted 7100 and used the wizard to complete simple setup with single sip trunk. Then added a single vvx400 with formatted file system. The system setup/dial plan is set for 7d dialing and TAC 9 but calls initiated from the vvx400 with nxx-xxxx go through. What steps can I take to troubleshoot why calls are being allowed?

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Re: Require TAC 9 not working

MCG Support, is this issue only happening with the setup wizard, or does it happen on a manual setup? What version of code is the 7100 running?

I assume that you're having to keep the phone on hook while dialing in order to get it to send the string, correct? If so, please reply with the trunk group configuration.