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SDG 854-6 admin
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Admin access to a 854-6 installed by Fidium?


I just had an install by Fidium fiber that included an Adtran 854-6 and two Plume pods. The equipment works well, and there's an app to manage wifi connections—but there's no way it seems I can log into the router itself and manage the wired LAN connections. Am I missing something? Is there no admin access to the router? Is there a way to reenable it? 


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Re: Admin access to a 854-6 installed by Fidium?

I have the same issue: My Consolidated fiber was "converted" to Fidium fiber a week ago. My new Adtran 854-6 does not allow me to access it using the gateway IP address.

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Re: Admin access to a 854-6 installed by Fidium?

This sounds like Fidium is not allowing access to the router.

I need to add a couple of ports for port forwarding as I have certain web services that I need to be accessible and in addition would like to host my website at my home location instead of with a hosting company. I was able to do this with Xfinity before I switched to Fidium.

It appears to me that there is no way to access anything. I have put up simple test servers on ports 80, 8080 and 9443, but am not able to access any of them from outside my LAN. (To try that I disable WIFI on my iPad and use the Cell Network then browse to my test servers.) In each case I get nothing but timeouts. I can ping my LAN address from outside without any problem, so I know it is reachable from outside. get there.  I have temporarily disabled my firewall but that makes no difference. I have double checked all of my port forwarding settings on my Netgear Orbit Router.

I have the Adtran 854-6 that Fidium provided. I have one of the 4 LAN wired connections wired to my Netgear Orbi router. The outputs of the Orbi go to my basement workshop where I have a gigabit switch and several computers, cameras, and raspberry pi computers.  I have another cable modem that I used for Xfinity but isn't connected to anything now - I'd use it in place of the AdTran. I just want to be able to log into my system remotely. Should be so simple.


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Re: Admin access to a 854-6 installed by Fidium?

Did any one figure out how to Access the admin page of Adtran 854-6 router. I connected this touter to Docsis modem. I see the IP address it allocated. But I can't use that ip address to access the router

Re: Admin access to a 854-6 installed by Fidium?

I also was "migrated" from the original Consolidated-supplied Zyxel router and Adtran ONT to Consolidated Fidium with a replacement Adtran 854-6 router and a new Adtran ONT. It works OK, but I now have no access to the Adtran 854-6 router. I sent a message to the Consolidated project manager for our FTTP project here in Rindge, NH, asking him what he knows about this. I don't expect to hear back from him until January 3rd. The Town of Rindge owns the last-mile FTTP network and has a 20-year "master services agreement" with Consolidated, so I expect to get some answers. I will also inquire about replacing the Adtran 854-6 if no solution is forthcoming from Consolidated.

Re: Admin access to a 854-6 installed by Fidium?

This is a reply to my post a few months ago about getting admin access to my Adtran 854-6 router, which was used to replace my Zyxel router when Consolidated updated my fiber service to Fidium last August 2022. Although ports 53 (DNS) and 22 (SSH) are open, you cannot access them using PuTTY or a similar program. My inquiry to Consolidated eventually produced a reply from a Consolidated engineer who said the only way into the Adtran 854-6 was to install the Attune app on my smartphone. Fidium uses services from Plume to manage its consumer routers. Since I wanted to change the DNS servers used by Adtran 854-6, I was told how to do that in Attune. You can do a few other things with Attune, but it is not a substitute for full admin access to the Adtran 854-6. The only "solution" to this situation is to replace the Adtran 854-6 router with another Wi-Fi router that will grant you full admin access.