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SDG 854-6 admin
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Admin access to a 854-6 installed by Fidium?


I just had an install by Fidium fiber that included an Adtran 854-6 and two Plume pods. The equipment works well, and there's an app to manage wifi connections—but there's no way it seems I can log into the router itself and manage the wired LAN connections. Am I missing something? Is there no admin access to the router? Is there a way to reenable it? 


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Re: Admin access to a 854-6 installed by Fidium?

I have the same issue: My Consolidated fiber was "converted" to Fidium fiber a week ago. My new Adtran 854-6 does not allow me to access it using the gateway IP address.

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Re: Admin access to a 854-6 installed by Fidium?

This sounds like Fidium is not allowing access to the router.

I need to add a couple of ports for port forwarding as I have certain web services that I need to be accessible and in addition would like to host my website at my home location instead of with a hosting company. I was able to do this with Xfinity before I switched to Fidium.

It appears to me that there is no way to access anything. I have put up simple test servers on ports 80, 8080 and 9443, but am not able to access any of them from outside my LAN. (To try that I disable WIFI on my iPad and use the Cell Network then browse to my test servers.) In each case I get nothing but timeouts. I can ping my LAN address from outside without any problem, so I know it is reachable from outside. get there.  I have temporarily disabled my firewall but that makes no difference. I have double checked all of my port forwarding settings on my Netgear Orbit Router.

I have the Adtran 854-6 that Fidium provided. I have one of the 4 LAN wired connections wired to my Netgear Orbi router. The outputs of the Orbi go to my basement workshop where I have a gigabit switch and several computers, cameras, and raspberry pi computers.  I have another cable modem that I used for Xfinity but isn't connected to anything now - I'd use it in place of the AdTran. I just want to be able to log into my system remotely. Should be so simple.


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Re: Admin access to a 854-6 installed by Fidium?

Did any one figure out how to Access the admin page of Adtran 854-6 router. I connected this touter to Docsis modem. I see the IP address it allocated. But I can't use that ip address to access the router

Re: Admin access to a 854-6 installed by Fidium?

I also was "migrated" from the original Consolidated-supplied Zyxel router and Adtran ONT to Consolidated Fidium with a replacement Adtran 854-6 router and a new Adtran ONT. It works OK, but I now have no access to the Adtran 854-6 router. I sent a message to the Consolidated project manager for our FTTP project here in Rindge, NH, asking him what he knows about this. I don't expect to hear back from him until January 3rd. The Town of Rindge owns the last-mile FTTP network and has a 20-year "master services agreement" with Consolidated, so I expect to get some answers. I will also inquire about replacing the Adtran 854-6 if no solution is forthcoming from Consolidated.