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TA624 as a Channel Bank

Im getting a PRI handoff from my vendor off a Adtran TA924e. But i need to break that down from digital to analog. So basically it would be Carrier----->to Adtran924E T1PRI-------->Adtran TA624------->60 block------>analog phones. In this scenario do i set the TA624 as a channel bank and if so is there a basic onfiguration for that there is no pbx in this location its just mainly for inbound traffic into some incoder device.

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Re: TA624 as a Channel Bank

The 924e already has 24 analog FXS ports. If you have access to the configuration or your vendor is willing to set it up for you, you can just associate those ports with your incoming numbers and skip the need for PRI.

If that's not practical, you can use a 624 but you'll need a DSX model.

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Re: TA624 as a Channel Bank

You don't need the 624. The TA924e has the same 24 FXS ports as a 624. It can natively deliver 24 analog ports from a SIP carrier handoff, a PRI carrier handoff, or both.

Re: TA624 as a Channel Bank

The question wasn't what model to use, the question was whether the TA624 could be used for the purpose stated. How do you determine if it has the DSX ports? Thank you.

Re: TA624 as a Channel Bank

Regarding the TA900:  The in the "interface pri" there is a command "role" which has a default setting of "network" [sets the port to operate in network termination (NT) mode], which makes the TA900 ISDN PRI signaling equivalent to a Service Providers ISDN switch.  This is required when connecting the TA900 PRI interface to a PBX's ISDN PRI trunk port.  When "that same" TA900 PRI interface is connected to a Service Provider's ISDN switch, the "role" command needs to be changed to "user" [sets the port to operate in terminal equipment (TE) mode], which changes the TA900 ISDN PRI signaling to look like a piece of CPE.  Refer to the AOS Command Reference Guide.

Regarding the TA600:  The TA600 T1/DSX port needs to support the ISDN PRI signaling on DS0 24.  Per the TA600 manual, that is supported with the TA600 ATM firmware [instead of the TDM firmware or the Packet Voice (VoIP MGCP) firmware].  You want the TA600 to look like CPE...I do not see a similar "role" command for Network or User, so it probably only works in the Network mode.  If that is the case, then the TA900 ISDN Network mode will not communicate with the TA600 ISDN Network mode.  Regarding the TA600's DSO mapping, per the manual "it appears" that a T1/DSX DS0 1 can be mapped to FXS Port 1.  Refer to the Total Access 600 Series System Manual.

I would say this will not work.

The other discontinued Adtran product that would work is the Atlas 550 with a Network T1/PRI module and the 8-Port FXS module.  The Atlas product family functions like an ISDN Switch and is very flexible.

Otherwise, use the TA900's FXS interfaces.