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IAD Call Transfer while Ringing Fails

A client would like to transfer calls while the outbound call is ringing.

They are able to transfer after the called party answers, but when they attempt while ringing the transfer fails.

Call Transfer Steps:

1) Inbound call answered

2) Flash hook then dial outside line

3) Flash hook to conference inbound and outbound calls

  a) Only works if called party answers

  b) If flash hook while ringing the outbound call drops

Atran IAD settings (TA900e):

voice transfer blind

voice feature-mode network

voice flashhook threshold 300 1000

no voice number-complete disable star

no voice number-complete disable pound

voice timeouts connected 12

voice timeouts connecting 5

voice timeouts alerting 5

voice timeouts delay-refer 250

voice timeouts preconnected 5

voice timeouts preconnecting 5

voice timeouts emergency-callback 0

voice hold-reminder 10 30

voice park-return 60

voice flashhook mode interpreted

voice transfer-mode local

voice forward-mode network

voice call-appearance-mode multiple

voice modem-passthrough-mode both

voice transfer-on-hangup

voice conferencing-mode local

voice conference local originator onhook persist

voice conference local originator flashhook drop

voice conference local party-disconnect continue

voice conference local max-sessions 3

voice disconnect-mode dialtone

voice codec-priority trunk

voice num-rings 0

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Re: IAD Call Transfer while Ringing Fails

IAD config attached (sanitized).

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Re: IAD Call Transfer while Ringing Fails

FYI - voice transfer unattended was tried as well and did not resolve.

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Re: IAD Call Transfer while Ringing Fails

The call maybe failing on the provider side have you called them to see if they are getting the call and if it is being blocked by them and find out why.  Because of the high amount of toll fraud many providers are blocking calls that the from number in the from message doesn't match a number on their system.  Sometimes you may have to perform some Header Manipulation Rules to add or modify fields they need for additional matching so they can verify it's a legitimate call. 

John Wale