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Interface Configuration SIP to T1

I'm having an issue configuring the interfaces on a 3rd gen TA-916e.  The device is behind my firewall and I don't want to use the firewall in the Adtran.

I'm trying to set up a SIP trunk to T1 conversion with Feature Group D and figured I'd use the Gigabit port for management, Eth 0/1 for the SIP trunk, and T1 0/1 for my T1.  For the SIP trunk on Eth 0/1 I plan on using an IP address on my LAN and setting up a NAT on my existing firewall to route to my external IP address

I started out with the default 3rd gen config and configured the Gigabit port for through the craft port and can log into the web interface.  My problem is when I try to assign to Eth 0/1 I get an error "%Resultant broadcast address overlaps with giga-eth 0/1".

I'm not sure how to get around this, or if what I think I want to do is even correct. I've attached my current config if anyone has any suggestions.

I'll also welcome any information on the SIP to T1 w/Feature Group D config.


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Re: Interface Configuration SIP to T1

Sounds like a subnetting issue. What mask are you trying to assign to Eth 0/1?

In global config, try adding:

int eth 0/1

ip address

no shut



You will also want to update your IP default gateway to the gateway on that subnet once you add the IP address. 



Re: Interface Configuration SIP to T1

I will add to the reply here.  If you are using a router/firewall in front of the TA 916e, it has to be SIP aware.  If it is not, you will likely only get inbound calls to work.  The firewall has to be SIP aware and able to NAT the layer 3 IP information that is inside the SIP message itself.  NAT'ing the source IP address and port isn't enough - the L3 information in the SIP message HAS to be NAT'd as well.  There are some firewalls capable of this, but I have seen plenty not work.  Just be aware of this.