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Outbound issues since changing from a 908e to a 904

I have been using a Total Access 908e for about 4 years without issue with 3 T1's and a PRI. We recently switched providers to upgrade to fiber data and PRI and they provided an Adtran 904. When we talked with the rep at the new carrier we made it clear what we do and what we need from them. We have an office building with 14 separate businesses all bringing in their own phone numbers and utilizing our data and phone service.

We of course found out immediately after the port that only "our" (owner) phones were able to make outbound calls because all the other phones in the building looped right back into the PBX and hit the default HG. This was due to the issue with the Adtran 904 only allowing the BTN to be passed. As a quick fix we now have 14 business using our outbound digits and needless to say our phones never stop ringing with people calling back for other businesses.

This is not a carrier road block and they do not care what digits we pass and the engineer I talked to claims that it is not possible for this model to accomplish this... is this indeed the case?

When using the 908e I could set the outbound caller ID to any 10 digit number and have no problems so I am not sure why this model would not allow it... it seems that this ability should be up to the carrier not the equipment.

Does anyone have any experience with this? It cannot even pass a range of numbers apparently only 1 number.

thanks for the help / advice904 dial

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Re: Outbound issues since changing from a 908e to a 904

The Adtran 908e and 904 are almost identical in terms of the PRI configuration.

You should be able to pass whatever caller id you send.

Are you able to post the config?


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Re: Outbound issues since changing from a 908e to a 904


    I have seen quite a few carriers now that ignore any caller id they are sent and override it with the main number of the account.  Usually you have to request they disable that and accept any outpulsed digits or at least out pulsed digits belonging to the trunk.  I would be willing to bet that is the problem.

John Wable

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Re: Outbound issues since changing from a 908e to a 904

Hello Greg,

I went ahead and flagged this post as “Assumed Answered.”  If you still need assistance, I would be more than happy to continue working with you on this - just let me know in a reply.