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TA-908e 2nd SIP to PRI

Is it possible to configure 908e to connect to SIP trunk provider over etho 0/1 and have t1 0/3 as PRI handoff ?

I have to move a phone system that only has pri card in it to new location and there might be delays before provider will move pri circuit. Im trying to avoid outages and was looking at adtran 908e as a temporary solution.

If it's possible, could you share a link or a sample config?

Im new to Adtran, but somewhat familiar with cisco and comfortable with CLI.

Any tips will be greatly appreciated

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Valued Contributor II
Valued Contributor II

Re: TA-908e 2nd SIP to PRI

SIP to PRI is the primary application for the TA 900 series.

Here are some guides and videos to help you out:

[video] - Configuring a Total Access 900E for SIP to PRI

Total Access 9XXe - SIP to PRI sample configuration

Configuring IP Interfaces for SIP in AOS IPBGs

Let me know if you need any other assistance.


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