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TA924e ANI via DTMF

Hello, I have a 924e configured to out pulse DNIS to the FXS ports for a fax server. Is there a way to also get it to send ANI data via DTMF like the Atlas 550 did? It could be *ANI*DNIS* or *DNIS*ANI format.


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Re: TA924e ANI via DTMF

Hello Mike,


Thanks for posting to the forum.  The TA 900 series supports Feature Group D (ANI*DNIS*) out a CAS T1 trunk as DTMF, but not out FXS ports.  The FXS ports on the TA 900 will only do Loop Start and Ground Start.  Here is a snippet of the voice trunk config:

3rd908e(config)#voice trunk T99 type t1-rbs supervision ?
fgd - Feature Group D
immediate - E&M Immediate
wink - E&M Wink

This mode is only supported in the Network role, where it is connected to a PBX.  Sometimes the "dialtone" command is needed on the trunk for the PBX.