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T1 to FXS Accept Number Range option failure

I can only make calls with the "Accept Number" Appears exactly as the dialed number.  When I try to use any range option it fails out, am I doing something wrong?   I'm running ATLAS 550  Rev. C.09.04 08/24/04.

As you can see from my range 555-5[0,1][0-5]X should dial 555-5028, but it does not.  

PBX Numbering Plan 3.JPG

PBX Numbering Plan 1.JPG

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Re: T1 to FXS Accept Number Range option failure

I believe you are misunderstanding the help menu. If you'll notice it says that "Punctuation characters '(), -, +' are always ignored."

So if you use an IN#ACCEPT of "555-5[0,1][0-5]X" then that covers 555-5000 through 555-5009 as well as 555-5050 through 555-5109, and 555-5100 through 555-5109, and 555-5150 through 555-5159

So the first set of brackets indicate that specific digit can be any number within the brackets, so it can be a 0 or a 1. The second set of brackets can be either a 0 or a 5 (ignoring the punctuation of "-").

If you want the second set of brackets to be any digit 0 through 5 you will have to type each number:


So the digit immediately after 555-5 can be a 0 or 1, the next digit can be 0 through 5 and the last digit can be 0 through 9.

Hope this helps,