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Netvanta 3140

I have 3 brand new Netvanta 3148 units.

Neither of them will let me set the Gig-ethernet #2 port IP (or for that matter anything else) from the GUI.  GIG#1 is fine. I tried multiple machines, multiple times with multiple Browsers... 

this happened even with the port connected to another network device on not.

Every time its tries, the box kicks out a server error 500 and I get a blank screen.

Good news though... I was able to set up the ip address from the console CLI, which was ok eh...  but I'd still like to know why it didn't work. 

this was a fresh install, and no other parameters had been changed from factory fresh.

If this is an error in the OS then Id like to get it fixed while the boxes are still in my lab, and before they get deployed.

Anyone else seen this?

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