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T1 to SIP

We currently have a legacy T1 line with 24 channels (no D channel)

Our goal is to integrate this line with our Total Access 908e (2nd Gen).

The device is already set up with a local IP address, and I can access its web interface. However, my experience with this device is limited to this extent.

My objective is to connect the T1 cable to the TA directly, configure an interface (for example, t1 0/1), and route all calls to our SIP PBX.

Additionally, it's necessary to establish a trunk between the TA and the SIP system which I think we can handle under the Trunks- Trnks Accounts.


I have attempted to configure the interface, but as our environment is operational 24/7, I can't afford to experiment and risk disruptions.

I am a bit unsure about the selection I need to make when I edit t1 0/1  under the section Connect to and the 5 offered options.


Can anyone provide assistance with this?

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